About the founder of Chiron Concepts:

Dr. Sally Broder, Psy.D., PSY 22229, began her work in the field of addiction in the late 1980’s.  She  worked  within both the state and  federal  corrections systems with their juvenile and adult offenders. She quickly discerned the connection between addictive  disorders, criminal histories and past personal trauma and/or family violence. She  has spent her career helping individuals change life patterns such as these. Her unique experience is what makes her classes so dynamic and informative.


What makes us different?

Behind  each class Chiron Concepts offers  is Dr. Broder’s expertise and passion. She is an enthusiastic, insightful course designer and trainer, intent on conveying information in a meaningful way to each participant. She does this using the latest research and information so your staff is fully  informed and up to date. 

Chiron Concepts associates are each adept, skilled and personable  
to create  the optimum learning  environment you can count on.

David Broder -
Technical Consultant and Course Designer
David Broder has been working in the fields of addiction treatment, criminal justice and mental health since 2002  and brings his first hand expertise into the courses he designs for Chiron Concepts.

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