Evidence-Based  Techniques – Motivational Interviewing

Cert # 4561-043015 "This has been the best STC Training I have ever been to." SF Probation Officer

Evidence-based practices are those that have been proven, through documented research, to be effective over and over again. Motivational Interviewing is the leading evidenced based practice for working with addicts and it is proving its effectiveness with criminals, both juvenile and adult, on changing negative behavior patterns.

This is a comprehensive course that trains participants in using the effective evidenced-based techniques of Motivational Interviewing. It is taught with addicts, alcoholics and offenders in mind. Some of the complaints that officers have when working with offenders on their caseload go like this, “It’s like talking to a brick wall.” Or, “They tell me what I want to hear, then just go back to using (or drinking) anyway.”

The reason Motivational Interviewing works is that it uses the client’s own inner resources and motivation to change. The counselor or officer must have the skills necessary in order to bring these factors to the surface to be used. In this dynamic course, participants are given specific instruction on how to promote and elicit the necessary ingredients for change that must take place within the individual. This change, in turn, allows offenders to get out of stuck, negative patterns that have led them back to a criminal lifestyle again and again.

In this course, participants are given individual attention by the skilled instructor to improve upon their counseling strengths. Effective demonstrations by the instructor as well as role-plays and case studies are used to fully familiarize participants with this effective, evidenced based model. Materials they can use beyond the course to improve on what they have learned are provided.


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