Chiron Concepts helps Non-Profit agencies stay up to date and informed in topics related to the population they serve.
Let us help your agency!

Our trainings are dynamic, informative and fun! Your staff will be able to put to use immediately the skills and knowledge they obtain in a Chiron Concepts Course!

Here is a sampling of the courses offered:


  • Trauma-informed client management
  • Transforming Stress
  • Evidence-Based Techniques-Motivational Interviewing
  • Evidence-Based Practices-Overview
  • The Aftermath of War: Iraq War Veterans, PTSD, TBI and Society
  • PTSD, Complex PTSD and DESNOS.
  • Women, Addiction and Co-Occuring Disorders
  • Inter-Personal Violence
  • The Traumatic impact of Domestic Violence
  • Addictive Disorders
  • Anxiety, Depression and Suicide
  • What is Dual-Diagnosis Really?
  • Dealing with Aggression in the Population You Serve
  • Personality Disordered Clients-Identification and Response


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