This course is geared towards veterinary and other animal care professionals.

Cultivating Resilience in a Heartfelt Profession
This course addresses compassion fatigue, stress and even prevention of suicide.

Whether you work with animals in a shelter, rescue organization, or veterinary setting; in the field or the office, there are high levels of stress and distress that come from factors inherent to working in an animal care setting. This training is about caring for staff and acknowledging the difficulties inherent in the work, promoting an environment at your facility that is more conducive to better health, both psychological and physical, and also to prevent suicide among animal care workers.

In this training:

  • We will identify the factors that make your profession uniquely difficult and stressful.
  • We will identify the factors that are most salient for you.
  • We will discuss what it can look like and feel like when you are impacted by these factors.
  • We will also talk about noticing signs and symptoms in people you work with and care about.
  • We will discuss how and when to intervene and possibly save someone’s life.
  • We will talk about how to take care of yourself to mitigate the taxing effects of your job so you can be more fully engaged to enjoy your chosen profession and retain or develop your resilience.

For information on this course, contact Dr. Broder at 650-776-4313 or by email at

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