Suicide - Awareness and Prevention

STC # 4561-043070


There are 400 to 600 inmate suicides each year in jails alone (excluding state/federal prisons), and suicide is a leading cause of death in most jails throughout the country. This is the largest liability issue for jails across the country.

This course examines the link between anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts and behavior. Chronic anxiety and fear of the future create a hopeless mental landscape. Incarcerated offenders and those on probation often deal with these difficult emotions. Suicide is too often the result.

Staff is often frustrated at how to know when an individual is malingering (faking.) Unfortunately, many times these types of individuals succeed in committing suicide.


This course teaches officers how to recognize suicidal gestures and behavior and how to prevent an offender from acting on suicidal impulses. This course is appropriate for in custody staff as well as probation field officers. This course trains participants on the sometimes subtle signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicidality. Interventions staff can make are discussed as well as when to defer to mental health. For field officers, appropriate resources and referrals are outlined and provided.



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