Evidence-Based Practices-Overview
Cert # 4561-046782    
This is a two day (16 hour) course


In this course, participants will learn about the four main evidence-based treatment modalities commonly used with offenders. These are Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral techniques (CBT), Integrated Dual-Diagnosis interventions and 12-step approaches. Designed and taught by a current successful practitioner of evidence-based practices, this course familiarizes the participants with the main concepts and structures underlying these modalities, as well as providing key skills and techniques that can be implemented by the participants in their day to day interactions with offenders.

 At the end of this two day course participants will be able to:
a) Describe and implement the general principles of Motivational Interviewing and explain the importance of each. 
b) Identify what behaviors and habits commonly used by law enforcement actually impede the likelihood of change in the offender.
c) Describe the basis for and components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-CBT. 
d) Implement Cognitive Behavioral interventions.
e) Demonstrate knowledge of the major co-occurring disorders of

incarcerated offenders that corrections staff must deal with today. 
f) Outline the importance of utilizing an

integrated Dual-Diagnosis approach in today’s

offender environment. 
g) Explain the 12-step approach, its mechanism for

supporting lasting change and its

importance in treatment.  

And more...


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