About Chiron: (kī'rŏn)

In Greek mythology, Chiron was held as the superlative Centaur among his brethren. A great healer, astrologer, and respected oracle, the last remaining centaur was most revered  as a teacher and tutor. Chiron was known  for his exceptional goodness and wisdom. Chiron was wounded by Heracles. Though he was immortal, it is said that he invented medicine in order to heal himself. He taught Asclepius the art of healing, which became the source of all divine medical knowledge among the Greeks. 

Chiron was also the teacher of the hero, Achilles, who was thought to have had some special medical knowledge.

 The symbol of this great healer and teacher is meaningful for passing on important knowledge to those who pass their knowledge on to others. 
Chiron reminds us it is an important venture with a long lasting impact. Chiron also informs us that out of life’s most difficult experiences can come the greatest inspiration and ability to reach others.




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